Ethiopia Single Origin

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We are excited to be able to provide a beautiful and complex heirloom variety of coffee from Edido, a small micro-region in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. The birthplace of coffee produces some of the oldest and flavoursome coffees and has a rightful place in our range. Grown in red-brown clay soils at 1800-1880 meters above sea level, the coffee is harvested between November and January, depulped within 12 hours and then washed from a naturally flowing spring water. This Grade 1 coffee is truly authentic and with the heirlooms being passed down from generation to generation, Ethiopia is home to unusual and astonishing coffee with explosively floral and fruity flavours.


Flavour Profile

"Floral, lemon, honey, lavender, sweet, heavy and strong citric acidity."


Idido, Yirgacheffe. Ethiopia.



Medium  Roast


Typica, various Ethiopian heirloom varieties


1850–1880 meters above sea level